How To Install a Door Knob With Hidden Screws

Installing a door knob with hidden screws can be a tedious task. Since this project requires you to unscrew the old lock, drill new holes and install the new lock, you need to apply special tools, such as an electric screwdriver or an impact driver. Now. I have presented on the topic of how to install a door knob with hidden screws in detail.    

It’s no secret that hidden screws are the most effective way to secure a door knob in place. But they’re also surprisingly challenging to install especially if you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer.

How to Install a Door Knob with Hidden Screws

Necessary Tools For Installing a Door Knob

  • A Screwdriver with a small flathead
  • An Allen wrench
  • Needs firm or clip wire of paper
  • A Philips screwdriver

Best Way How To Install A Door Knob With Hidden Screws              

It’s a simple step that may seem trivial, but this small detail can make all the difference in your home. Installing a door knob correctly is important, especially if you have children in the home.

An open door considers a hidden screw and using it as a means of strengthening the door frame or providing additional support to a hanging object. Hidden screws are also useful for hanging pictures and shelves. They are in any type of construction where fastening large objects requiring.

Great advice for anyone ready to install a door knob.    

Whenever you want to replace the door handle in your home or office, it is always great to know how to do it ourselves.

Many people put in a new door knob, but don’t bother removing the old one. However, some doors have two sets of screws that are hidden. So how can you remove a door knob with hidden screws? Discover the right way to do this, and get rid of your old handle in no time!

If you’ve ever had to replace a broken doorknob, you may have noticed that the holes in your door are not standard sizes. Rather than go out and buy a replacement knob, you can easily install one yourself with just a few tools.


Drill The Head & Not The Bolt    

Welcome to the world of home improvement tips and tricks. Join me as I share my way of doing things, and show you how you can save a ton of time, money, and labor by making the most out of your tools.

Starting By Examining Your Knob

You need to specialize in the lock side of the existing doorknob first. Since you’re trying to put in a doorknob with hidden screws, your previous one must even be an equivalent. you ought to be ready to find a small hole slot or hole. this is often basically referred to as the detent access holes in the doorknob. If you can’t find anything like that, maybe trying to find a recessed screw should work. to urge obviate these screws you’ll need an appropriate size Allen wrench here.

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Releasing The Last Knob

Now to get rid of the previous knob, you’ll get to release it first. this will be a touch confusing. Because you’ll get to understand how the knob is fastened to work out the proper releasing method. a couple of cases can happen here.

Firstly, if there’s a slot noticeable, you’ll need a flat head screwdriver for it. Simply use it to push inside the detent. which should release the doorknob a bit like that.

If you see a small hole instead, then you’ll need a paperclip. Make it straightened to be used. A firm wire also will work here. you would like to use it to spring the opening. then the knob should begin. just in case both of those methods aren’t suitable for your doorknob, then a recessed hex-head screw should be the one. To affect it you’ll use the Allen wrench. Generally, use it for turning the screw in a counterclockwise manner. And this may make the knob liberal to get released easily.

Getting The Rose Out

Now to urge obviate the backing plate from the door, you’ll get to detach rose first. Because usually, the rose hides screws that are holding a plate in situ. So, confirm you get the rose out gradually.

To do so, you would like to work out the skinny slot. this could be located right between the plate and door. Generally, insert the flat head of the screwdriver’s tip into this area. then slightly apply force. this may make the rose begin easily.

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Unscrew With Screwdriver

Now, take a Philips screwdriver for unscrewing the screws. These screws ought to be running from one backing plate to the other  one on the opposite side through a bore hole. The screws are responsible for holding the whole knob and latch assembly in places surely. Once you unscrew these items, return the spindle, latch, backing plates, and old knobs one by one.

Installing The New Latch

Now you would like to exchange the latch plate. These are often basically the metal pieces that stay attached to the door jamb. Through this basically, the latch passes once your door is entirely close. Some also call it a strike plate. When installing the new latch, you would like to form sure sides that are curvy the striker is facing during a similar thanks to the previous one. this may make the latch correctly.

Installing The New Knob

Here comes the most of this complete installation. Now place the new knob onto its place. you would like to start from the surface locking a part of your door to try to do so. Now the rose might be already a part of the new knob. alternatively, you’ll need to install it separately before placing the knob.

So, take that under consideration and choose whatever is required. Once you’re done placing the knob from outside, you’ll get to specialize in the one inside. Repeat an equivalent process for installing the inside knob. confirm you position the mounting screws and spindle properly. These got to undergo the latch assembly start from outside.

Use The Screwdriver From Philips

And then it should finish by the within a part. Use the screwdriver from Philips once more and tighten all screws to stay knobs and plate in situ. Now simply slide the knob on the spindle’s end part. keep it up turning it. Once the detent clicks and becomes aligned to the access hole or slot, you’ll stop. Use the Allen wrench to tighten the recessed screws if necessary, at now. And you ought to be ok.

A doorknob is a tricky thing to install. Most people know that you should have a deadbolt, but they might not know exactly how to do it. If you need help, look no further than this helpful guide.

Removing a Door Knob with Hidden Screws

Removing a doorknob with hidden screws can be tricky. If you’re going to remove the door knob and replace it with a different style, you need to take special care in installing the new one.

You’ve probably never used a door knob with hidden screws before, but you’ll be glad you did when you install one on the front of your house. All it takes is a few simple steps.

How to Install a Door Knob With Hidden Screws: Bizarre Methods

Some pretty bizarre methods have been usage in the past to hide screws into door knobs. Some would even say they take it too far and are downright dangerous. Here’s a list of some of the most unusual door knob and doorknob installations ever.              

Are you tired of the broken door knobs and damaged hardware that is commonly found in homes? If so, this post will show you how to install a door knob with hidden screws.

In Final Words

It was all about the way how to install a doorknob with hidden screws. you’ll now alright remove the previous doorknob and also install a replacement one. This task doesn’t need much effort and time. So, hiring someone for a doorknob replacement is really possible to skip.

If you want to install door knobs with hidden screws, you should follow our article that is mentioned on the top on how to install a door knob with hidden screws.

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